Below are the FAQ’s with regards to selling your property:

Q: When do I need to notify COMC of the expected sale?
A: As soon as possible with a minimum of 4 weeks before your expected completion date. We only need a couple of details from you to get the process started. Please email secretary@kimballclose.co.uk requesting further information. It will then be the responsibility of your solicitor to contact our solicitors at Chattertons, Stamford allowing them the same time frame. Please note: Our solicitors will charge you a premium if they are provided any less notice, furthermore it is not always possible to complete any quicker which could put your sale at risk .

Q: Are there any charges from COMC to complete the sale?
A: COMC solicitors will charge you approx. £150 to complete the required transfer documents.  Answers to any questions not covered in the Buying or Selling FAQ section of our site are likely to incur additional fees.  This is something that will be discussed and agreed beforehand between yourself and our solicitors.  COMC will make every effort to provide free advice where we can.  Please note: Payment of our solicitor’s fees needs to be made directly to them, COMC do not get involved with facilitating this.

Q: How much maintenance charge will I get back if I sell before the end of the current 6 month maintenance period?
A: COMC will not refund payments.  Your solicitors will be provided a copy of your account statement and you will need to discuss with them any apportionment which will need to be agreed between yourself and your buyer.

Q: What if I have a balance outstanding on my account?
A: COMC solicitors will not provide the ‘restriction release certificate’ (something your buyer will need to register their purchase at the Land Registry) until your account has been cleared and their fee’s paid.

Q:  What else will be disclosed to your solicitors?
A:  Generally we will only disclose information if asked.  We do however have an obligation to provide details of any breaches of covenant or disputes you may have had with any of the residents on the estate.  If required, meeting minutes and/or documents will be supplied to corroborate any factual information supplied.

Q:  Can my Selling Agent install a For Sale sign?
A:  Yes, but only on the property the For Sale board relates to. As per the management agreement, no For Sale boards are permitted on any communal land which is owned and managed by COMC.

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